The Stemma furniture store has furnished a considerable number of homes over the course of 50 years. Stemma is not just a furniture store, but a trusted partner of the customer and the manufacturer in furnishing life.

Niemi Sofa, which manufactures sofas, armchairs and other upholstered, soft furniture, has been a partner of Stemma for years.

- Niemi Sofa's products have always been very good in terms of price-quality ratio. We are looking for sofas suitable for different price groups for our collection. We strive to make a collection that is not available anywhere else. Niemi Sofa has been a good partner for us, Stemma's product manager Ari Pajunen stress.

Ari Pajunen is Stemma's product manager.Ari Pajunen works as Stemma's product manager.

There is mutual partnership and cooperation between Stemma and Niemi Sofa. This can be seen, for example, in the fact that if customers wish for a certain type of furniture, Niemi Sofa strives to make it happen. As a counterweight, Niemi Sofa will also have product suggestions for Stemma's collection.

Before the piece of furniture goes on sale to Stemma, we visit Niemi Sofa to check the so-called prototypes, model pieces. Marek Konsa has managed Niemi Sofaa successfully since the company was founded, i.e. since 2014.

- We go to Marek's place to test the products, and make the final changes to them. The seat is fixed to be firmer or softer, the angle of the backrest or the height of the leg or the model may be changed, Pajunen lists.

Stemma's customers have been satisfied with the products manufactured by Niemi Sofa, because they receive reasonably priced products that last for time and use. According to Pajunen, Niemi Sofa's strengths are customization and adaptability.

- Niemi Sofa is a flexible, uncomplicated partner in fulfilling customers' wishes. If you want a wider armrest, for example, it's easy to implement without the price of the product changing much.

The cooperation has gone well and even developed in a better direction. According to Pajunen, Niemi Sofa knows how to take into account the needs of the customer, but also of the merchant.

- Niemi Sofa's Alma modular sofa is a low, floor-to-ceiling sofa that fits well with the spirit of the times. In the past, there were many narrow-framed sofas with low plinths and high wooden legs. Niemi Sofa follows the times and adapts accordingly, Pajunen praises.

In the photo, Oulu's Stemma dealer Risto Huovinen (left), Pajunen (center) and Ylivieska's Stemma dealer Maarit Jokitalo.

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